Terms Of Service | Peony Accessories



The descriptions; Peony Accessories, the site, the company, Peony all relate to operations of www.peonyaccessories.com owned and operated by Weartrade Ltd.

These conditions shall apply to any Contract (“the Contract”) between Weartrade Limited and the buyer being any persons, from whom Weartrade Limited receives an order for the supply of any goods (“Goods”) placed vis teh Peony Accessories website.

No agent or employee of Weartrade Limited has authority to alter these terms save and unless specifically agreed in writing by a director of Weartrade Limited and with specific mention to the Purchase Order number or numbers and such changes are limited to those Purchase Orders noted.

These terms and conditions of purchase shall take precedence over and supersedes any previous terms and conditions of Weartrade Limited.


All goods must be paid for prior tpo dispatch either through teh website or through one of teh "Contact Us" details visible on the site.


Weartrade Limited shall be under no liability to accept orders for the supply of any goods unless and until Weartrade Limited have confirmed availability of such goods and these terms have been accepted in full by the buyer.

Weartrade Ltd reserves the right to refuse to supply any order without stating any cause or reason.

Weartrade will dispatch goods to all UK mainland addresses and overseas addresses under the condition that the overseas addressee is liable for any and all import duty’s and taxes that may arise as a consequence of the supply.

Weartrade Ltd will not be responsible in any case for refusal of entry of goods at any destination or for any costs associated with gaining clearance for such goods. No refund or credit will be issued for orders that are refused entry at any overseas destination.



In gneral goods will be dispatched within 2 working days but in most cases willbe disatched earlier.



All Orders are to be packed and sorted in line with current Weartrade Ltd practice and carry the Weartrade standard labelling and descriptions.




Goods shall be marked with the “Peony” brand where suitable; “Peony” is the registered trademark of Weartrade Ltd and may not be reproduced or advertised without the express permission of Weartrade Ltd. Images provided by Weartrade Ltd or available through any website managed by Weartrade Ltd are subject to copyright and may not be downloaded or re-produced for commercial use without the express permission of Weartrade Ltd.



Peony, Peony Accessories are brand names and trading names registerd by Weartrade Ltd and may not be reproduced in any way withoiut written approval from a director of Weartrade Ltd.



Any and all disputes regarding the discharge of liabilities subject to these terms and conditions that can not be resolved between the parties shall be finally settled by submission to the jurisdiction of the English Courts under the law of England and Wales.

If any provision of these conditions is held by any competent authority to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.